Charles Frederick Worth founded the couture fashion house House of Worth in the 1850s. Worth worked for Swan & Edgar, an iconic department store in the heart of London Soho that specialized in fine wool and silk items. He worked for Swan & Edgar for six years before he moved to Paris where he worked as a draper for Maison Gagelin for ten years. He had the chance to shine when he came up with ready-made and ready-to-choose muslin cloth samples and when his designs were displayed in-store. Marie Vernet, the women who modeled the clothes in store, was the woman Worth eventually married in 1851. Worth went on to design clothes and started the trend of sewing brand labels into the garments. He organized shows in the department store Maison Gagelin where his clothes were modeled by women. Customers attended the shows and chose the designs they liked the most so that Worth would create more garments in certain shapes, designs and colors. He moved away from the then popular bespoke tailoring to a more ready-to-wear approach to clothes. When Worth passed away in 1895 his business was taken over by his sons Gaston-Lucien and Jean-Philippe who stuck to their fathers high standards. The houses first own collection was presented in 1936. As a respected couture house House of Worth was one of the first fashion brands to venture into the perfumery market. The company's first luxury fragrance, Dans La Nuit, was launched in 1924. The fragrance came in a bottle that was designed by the world-famous glass-maker René Lalique. Jacques Worth, Charles Frederick Worth's grandson, maintained the high standards that have been set and he hired the perfumer Maurice Blanchet to create four more perfumes. Those were: Vers le Jour, Sans Adieu, Je Reviens and Vers Toi. Dans La Nuit is the legendary debut fragrance of Les Parfums Worth. Maurice Blanchet composed the fragrance of intense notes of carnation, lily of the valley, cinnamon, tonka bean, vetiver, rose, bergamot, vanilla, ylang-ylang, aldehydes and other (mainly floral and animalic) accords. Vers Le Jour, another Blanchet composition in a bottle designed by René Lalique, was presented in 1925. The composition featured mainly fruity and floral notes of bergamot, red berries, rose, angelica root, narcissus, cyclamen, jasmine, osmanthus, may rose, peony, peach, pineapple, watermelon, cedar, sandalwood and musk. Sans Adieu, another collaboration of Blanchet and Lalique, was launched in 1929. The classic Je Reviens, composed of aldehydes, narcissus, violet, hyazinth, ylang-ylang, cloves and other floral and animalic accords was presented in 1932. The scent has been loved by many women for more than 80 years. Vers Toi, an oriental-floral composition, was launched in 1934. Dans La Nuit was re-released in 1985 but has since been discontinued. Courtesan, from 2006, is an oriental vanilla fragrance that has so far been the most recent release of Les Parfums Worth. Designer Worth has 10 perfumes in our fragrance base. Worth is an old perfume house. The earliest edition was created in 1925 and the newest is from 2006. Worth fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Pierre Bourdon, Maurice Blanchet and Odette Breil-Radius.

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