Paul Sebastian

The unique history of not only the flavor of Paul Sebastian Ps Cologne, but also the entire brand began in 1979, when the master created the first spicy perfume. Amazing plexus notes a refined ease and beauty, alluring captivating freshness. A halo of sophistication and sexual purity is accompanied by the sound of music, they are perfectly matched in a single fern halo that caresses the senses and emotions. Subtle, slim and stylish perfume chord is built on the notes of lightness and natural charm. Plexus notes Paul Sebastian Ps Cologne give charming beauty that attracts and intrigues, attracts attention and entices. The mystery of simplicity must necessarily be solved, but because herbal and floral motifs harmoniously intertwined. They are soft jasmine and lavender touching sound is complemented by sage and noble rose and completed the unique sensuality of musk and earthy sound, fresh motifs oak moss. The special charm of the bitterness of wormwood and the sweetness of vanilla and ylang-ylang, complemented by the beauty of myrrh, patchouli and sensual woody chords.

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