Parfums De Coeur

Parfums de Coeur: The inviting temptation Brand de Coeur (Parfyums De Coeur) - a bright continuing the traditions of a famous French brand Prince Machabeli. Founded in 1981, de Coeur is famous for its luxury fragrances. Parfums de Coeur - spirits, which will allow its owner to become the object of unconditional admiration, the epitome of elegance and extravagance. A wide gallery of noble aromas capable in an instant move in times of balls and royal receptions. Absolutely charming male and female fragrances can arouse sensitivity and exciting hidden sexuality. Wins hearts and give its fans a favor with aromas of brands easily. Business Card - Body Fantasies Vampire Body Fantasies Vampire although not the first fragrance brand de Coeur, but it definitely is its hallmark. This fruity, floral and slightly sweet fragrance for women will add romance to any image. An intriguing and mysterious, seductive and alluring it is able to distinguish from the crowd and captivate anyone. Alluring and intriguing perfume Parfums de Coeur - this noble flavors worthy of royalty and people of high society.
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