Madonna is an American singer and one of the biggest pop icons. Madonna is a new fragrance brand. Designer Madonna has 2 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2012. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Stephen Nilsen. Many Hollywood stars once climbed to the top of glory, resolved to try their hand in the perfume industry, they produce their own line of cosmetics and perfumes. These creators of their own perfume now and style icon, famous throughout the world Madonna. Having decided to release his first fragrance composition, it decided that it would call Truth or Dare by Madonna. In the implementation of this goal Madonna helped the company Coty Inc. Michele Scannavini, head of Coty Prestige, sharing their positive emotions from work with megastar, said Madonna for 30 years, is a phenomenon in the art, it defines the zeitgeist. Worldwide she has a lot of fans who are very committed to it, and they want to feel the "personal" side of manifestation of its talent. The debut of the fragrance took place in the US in April 2012. The campaign took part the singer. Truth or Dare is the female oriental floral fragrance created by perfumer Stephen Nilsen. This stylish, elegant, mysterious, seductive fragrance from the renowned singer Madonna is a personal expression of the singer in the world of fragrances.
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