Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne was born in 1929 in Brussels, and lived there with his father, a banker, who belonged to one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the South America. Before the start of World War II Claiborne family returned to New Orleans. However, after the war again, Liz moved to Europe, where he studied the art of painting in art schools in France and Belgium. Formal school education and Liz could not get - her father was sure that this is not necessarily. Since childhood, she was interested in design, and learned to sew from his mother. When Liz was 21, she won the design competition fashion magazine Harper`s Bazaar. Since 1950, she went to live in New York and worked for 25 years at various firms for the production of inexpensive clothing for the masses. The first own design project was brought to life with the support of the fashion designer Tina Lesser. This collection has become an excellent springboard on the way to the heights of Liz fashion Olympus, and in the face of Lesser she found an experienced facilitator and mentor. In 1976, Liz Claiborne has introduced the world its own brand. In their collections Liz demonstrated their own vision of the modern fashion, releasing a line of elegant clothes of sports style, designed for working women. Yet no company to achieve such a stunning success in such a short time, and not one woman failed so quickly earn huge amount of money (about 200 million. 10 years). The company Liz Claiborne guessed desire of many women to wear elegant and comfortable clothing, created in different styles and from a variety of materials. Since 1989, Liz Claiborne has departed from the management of the company, but continued to create a collection of fashionable clothes. In 2006, all brands of its vast empire brought a total of about 5 billion. Dollars of total revenue. Perfume products company Liz Claiborne - it's bright brilliant flavors energizing cheerfulness and optimism. Liz Claiborne fragrances gives its owner the absolute confidence that it will succeed, and it will achieve all the goals. Perfumes from Liz Claiborne created to encourage the aspirations of sports and energetic young people to an active lifestyle. The ability to always control their emotions, to win the attention of the personal charisma, surprising everyone with her elegance and grace - these are the qualities of the people who choose this brand spirits. Men's fragrances are more intense nature of the fire and serve as a perfect complement to delicate feminine spirits. Man Liz Claiborne - a strong, decisive and confident, so it is always on top and trying to be a reliable support for his lady.
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