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The peculiarity of this perfume brand was the uniqueness of each fragrance.
And this is really so: it is simply impossible to find a similar combination. Aromas from Kilian are a real creation of perfumery art, for good reason they are included in the category of niche perfumery. The composition is based on the classical traditions of creating fragrances, and each composition is thoroughly thought through by perfumers to the smallest detail.
Each By Kilian fragrance is made by perfumers manually from the most valuable ingredients. The image of each perfume brand - it's spontaneity, lightness, naturalness. As for the perfume packaging, Kilian style is also traced here: a simple not intricate design, a velvet framing of the package.
An exceptional feature of By Kilian perfumes is the possibility of reusable use of the bottle, and each bottle is sold "cartridges" with various ethereal shades. On this Kilian did not stop: customers can buy any flavor on the spill. Also, a "barrel" was developed for self-creation of the fragrance, thus bringing the person closer to something mysterious and beautiful. After all, the appearance of a new smell seems a real miracle. This is reflected in the long cooperation with L'Oréal. Kilian Hennessy is well aware of the benefits of successful marketing techniques. Kilian Hennessy personally participates in creation of fine aromas of the brand, as well as "hired" geniuses.
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The debut collection of fragrances from Kilian was called "L'Oeuvre Noire" (Black Masterpieces). The collection consists of 10 fragrances, which are divided into three parts: "Love and its prohibitions", "Artificial Paradise", "Temptations".
What exactly is hidden behind beautiful and exciting names?
Prelude to Love - a combination of bergamot, Florentine iris, Italian lemon and mandarin oil.
Love is an exquisite combination of rose, iris and jasmine fragrances.
Beyond Love - soaked in the amazing aroma of tuberose.
Love and Tears - several varieties of jasmine combined with Italian bergamot and other flavors.
Liaisons Dangereuses - envelops with tart aromas of cinnamon and geranium.
Cruel Intentions - an unusual combination of aromas of roses and bergamot.
A Taste of Heaven - will envelop you with sweet smells of flowers of orange and patchouli.
Straight of Heaven - will immerse in the ocean of aromas, among which will be heard nutmeg, Brazilian rose and cedar.
Back to Black is the aromas of honey, tobacco, vanilla, cherry and geranium.
Sweet Redemption - a combination of aromas of vanilla and orange.

Another collection from Kilian is "Arabian Nights" (also called "Thousand and One Nights"), which includes fragrances called "Pure Oud" (a combination of fragrant wood oils), "Incense Oud" (mystical Perfume with the scent of incense), as well as the last creation with the name "Rose Oud" (perfumery for women with the dominant in the form of a Turkish rose), which made a real sensation in August 2010, worked herself Calice Asancheyev-Becker.
Another feature of Kilian perfume is the restraint of style. Black color, simple and at the same time incredibly rich, a combination of textures of expensive materials in the packaging and a subtle note of mystery ...
Lacquered wood and satin will give you pleasure, as soon as you take your favorite perfume in your hands. And the key, on which the packaging is locked, will give you a sense of mystery, will amuse your vanity and will not allow anyone to encroach on your fragrant treasure. The creators of such perfume do not pretend to mass production. On the contrary, elitism is what they seek.
These are the features of the brand, its creator and products, which, having just appeared on the market, has already gained a lot of admirers. And if you want to bring into your life a fraction of the mystery - this is your choice.
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