Jose Eisenberg

Jose Eisenberg - still quite a young brand in the market of perfumery and cosmetic products. In the early 1990s, Jose Eisenberg, a talented chemist fascinated by studies of the structure of the skin at the cellular level, realized that he has something to say to the world s created his eponymous brand, the success of which almost 20 years to be envied. The skin has memory - this discovery Eisenberg, was developed in the walls Paviyskogo research center, formed the basis of the famous Three-molecular formulas. This development is patented Jose Eisenberg and has no analogues in the world. Active substances that act on the cell, make the skin "to refresh" and start the process of anti-aging. Three molecular formula is included in most cosmetics Eisenberg and gives stunning result: health, radiance, youthfulness of the skin. Brand is rapidly gaining momentum, and its founder continued his creative pursuits. Office on the beach in Monaco, classical paintings and sculptures in the interior - José Eisenberg working in an atmosphere of genuine inspiration. Half a century José studied the history of the famous perfume houses, and came to the conclusion that the best discoveries in the field of perfumes were made at the end of the XIX century. Be the best - permissible whim for a talented person. Upgraded favorites perfumes 1890-1900's, Eisenberg has launched a new line of conceptual perfumes for men and women, immediately won its loyal audience. Special attention is worthy package. In its creation creative impulse Eisenberg felt to go beyond the usual: on packages, like cardboard miniature paintings, the artist depicted the composition Mochado Juarez - a friend of Jose. Callers, daring, passionate, as the content of the vials Eisenberg. The use of modern innovation and nanotechnology, trust plastic surgery clinics to recognize Eisenberg products safe and suitable for medical practice - a creative challenge and Medical thoroughness miraculously coexist in the brand Jose Eisenberg. A former computer technician, a collector and designer clothes, he seems to have found, at last, its true purpose, create an interesting brand Jose Eisenberg, confidently occupy the niche in the world of modern cosmetics and perfumes.
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