INCC Group, in collaboration with esteemed Parisian designers, launches Sense of Space Creations (SOS Creations) line of fragrances under the brand name Axis in 1998, combining modern art and contemporary design. Designer Sense of Space Creations has 37 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2001 and the newest is from 2013. Axis perfume - Perfumes Axis introduces a young and dynamic brand Sense of Spase, who first presented the same time luxurious and daring fragrance Axis Black Caviar in 2003. Designers Sense of Spase just shocked the world of perfume with its original design idea, emphasizing the luxury fragrance, releasing the contents of the vial with an unusual - at the bottom of a bottle of perfume Axis were real black eggs. All subsequent perfume Axis repeat the success of the first perfume Black Caviar and possess amazing in its diversity, nuances of flavors and great design of bottles and packages. Women's perfume Axis for the modern stylish woman who combines qualities such as self-confidence and determination with femininity and sexuality. Uncover a deep sound flavor, its essence through the prism of modernity - that is the basic concept of the perfume Axis. Eau de toilette Axis Emotion with magical and attractive aroma envelops you train sophistication and style. Bold notes of amber, rose, freesia, ylang-ylang and the original design of the bottle with silver hearts on the bottom give the Axis Emotion extravagance and brightness. Axis Forever Eau de toilette has a rich and passionate base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli and is designed specifically for women who are aware of their appeal and do not be afraid to experiment. Buy perfume Axis is very simple. To do this, they need to be ordered in the online - shop and choose a convenient way of delivery and payment. According to Russian shipping by mail, at the same time you pay your purchase by cash on delivery post office in his village. In Moscow, the goods are delivered by courier. In addition, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region could pick the item up using self.
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