Annayake - excellent perfume brand from Japan. 80 cutting-edge research, 2000 years of tradition Products for skin care ANNAYAKE developed based on advanced technologies in research Japanese laboratories. Valuable active ingredients, combined in innovative compositions, delicate texture in sophisticated packaging ... every new tool for skin care ANNAYAKE - this event in the world of cosmetics, the result of thorough research and a tribute to the traditions of thousands of years. The skin of each person is unique Drawing on 80 years of experience, researchers ANNAYAKE embodied all the knowledge about the nature of the skin mikrodiagnostichesky computer, called a SKINNER (from the word skin - skin). SKINNER exactly determines the level of moisture and sebum. With stunning accuracy, he helps choose the most suitable product for skin care, which ensures its greater efficiency.. An interesting brand that all products are created in accordance with the Eastern traditions of perfumery, but adapted to a European buyer. Very interesting fragrances Annayake created with the participation of famous worldwide laboratories Companies Pola, which means years of proven quality! In this case, referring to the eastern perfumes, it is worth remembering is not the flower of sickly Middle East, namely the harmonious, thoughtful, calling the success of fragrances from Japan. Odor, for which you will love and respect! Where is this magical perfume to buy? How to find a perfume Annayake at a reasonable price, but the real? The answer to this question and is dedicated to our site! You can choose perfume from Annayake on our site and go to the directory of the spirits to purchase it. We offer only original Annayake! Designer Annayake represented 21 flavors in our catalog perfumes. The earliest flavor of this brand in our catalog perfumes created in 2000 and the last - in 2015. Annayake perfume fragrances were created in cooperation with perfumers Lucas Sieuzac, Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Christophe Raynaud and Martine Pallix.

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